The way of the Vanger the way it is meant to be

Foreword: This solution does not contain 100% of tips and hints that can potentially exist, nor does it contain a ready-to-use recipe of going all the Way of Vanger that could be readily digested by an infant. That is because the roads of the Worlds of Chain are not for infants. This solution only gives some information that is not readily seen to an average Vanger. There are ways, besides those described here, to make Vanger's life happier and overcome all hardships. If for someone the information given here is not enough to complete to game, there is nothing we can help them with. This solution suggests certain actions to be done at certain points, and it is up to the player what to do in between. The actions suggested could be performed in any sequence and any of them may be skipped. The game can be completed without fulfilling a single tabutask. You may not bother raising your Luck and Dominance and still be able to go all the way. Many explanations given here are as indefinite and vague as the game itself. That is because this text was written by one of the game characters, and those characters are odd and with an attitude, you know. Who or what a Vanger is, what they look like and what's on their mind is a mystery. A slight hint on this is only given in the final scenes of the game. This text accompanies the Vanger's Manual and Reference, which includes a Vanger's diary and Reference Tables among other things, and it is not supposed to be the sole and exhausting source of information. Also, an intense desire to go all the way is highly recommended for successful completion of the game, and this solution is useless without such a desire.

First appearance in Podish: Read everything that the characters have to say, as they give direct advice and explain how things work in the Chain of Worlds. Go to the store and buy one nymbos and a MacHOTine gun (to clear the way of mushrooms).

The surface of Fostral: When on the surface, tune your compass to point to Incubator. As a general rule, you should always use compass whenever you need to reach a certain objective so that not to get lost. The digits that appear next to the bug signifying the compass are the distance to the destination point in conventional units. On the way to Incubator, check all hideouts that you find. Hideouts are opened with spacebar, as are escaves. Hideouts break down into four types: Level 1 - domes, with free access. Level 2 - underground hideouts with hatches that look like webs. These hideouts are not always accessible if you have low Luck. Level 3 hideouts look like car tires that stick out of the ground. These open only when your Luck is higher than 50. Two hideouts on Fostral with parts for unique mechos also belong to Level 3. These two look differently. You can check your Luck and Dominance at any time on the upper-right panel in the Parameters mode. Level 4 hideouts are invisible. Counselors open them whenever the Vanger makes them a favor, e.g. gets a stolen item back to the escave. If you regularly check hideouts while fulfilling counselors' missions and/or tabutasks, you will save up beebs for a new mechos quicker. Also, whenever a Vanger buys or picks up a new type of weapon, their Dominance rises. Dominance is necessary for a Vanger to experience an epiphany when due time comes. It adjusts prices in escaves to the Vanger's advantage. It also causes other Vangers to respect you.

Incubator: Sell the nymbos, buy a jar of phlegma and set off for Podish. Delivering nymbos and phlegma is necessary to get admission to tabutasks and Eleerection. Note that the longer it takes you to deliver these two wares to their respective destinations, the less beebs you will get for them. After you bring nymbos to Incubator two times, you will be able to buy tabutasks in the store and when the next Eleerection starts, the counselor will offer you to take part in this ritual race. After bringing phlegma to Podish two times, you will see tabutasks in the local store.

Podish and Incubator: Make another trip and bring another nymbos to Incubator and another phlegma to Podish.

Incubator: If you have brought nymbos here two times and if it's Plump-up (a sort of season; you can tell if it's Plump-up when the surface of Fostral is acid green), the counselor will offer you to take part in Eleerection during the regular chat. Eleerection is Eleepod ritual race where you have to bring an eLeech (an Eleepod infant) from Incubator to Podish first.

Eleerection: By getting places in Eleerection you can acquire necessary points and get the key to Glorx (two 1st places are enough). An eLeech does not normally live more than one cycle, so if the Vanger is slow and does not make it before the Eleerection cycle ends, the eLeech will die. In Podish they can punish you severely for that. Top places are also rewarded with some beebs and Luck. Luck points awarded depend on the number of competitors in the race and the place the Vanger wins.

Podish: If a Vanger does not hang back watching beebs creep but goes for it and searches hideouts and wins Eleerection into the bargain, he normally saves up a decent amount before too long. It may be enough to buy a new mechos. The best mechos at this stage is a minibus-type buggy. Arcan, Piercator and Excorps are among them. The are speedy, capacious and the price is fair. Don't hanker after a Mad Surgeon, it's just a poky rattletrap. When you buy a new mechos, don't forget to put all your stuff into it. By this time tabutasks should be on sale in stores.

Tabutasks: The primary means for a Vanger to make wads without much pain. Plus, it's about the only possibility (besides Leepuringa) to keep Luck at a decent level. That is, if you fulfill them. But if you routinely fail them, your Luck will soon fade away. After you fulfill a tabutask from a certain escave, a passenger appears in its store, ready for a trip. In the beginning, while the Vanger is raw and green, only simple tabutasks are given in escaves, such as: "Smash 10 beebs", "Shoot 70 stinkers", "Check 5 underground hideouts", "Reach the other escave without shooting a single stinker" and so on. They do not bring much Luck or many beebs, still they are worthwhile. Tougher tabutasks will follow, and they will be rewarded accordingly. Also, when you accomplish a sum of 10 tabutasks in both escaves, the counselor will offer you to make a trip to a secret world, which will come in handy. Note that after you have put a tabutask in your bay, you can't cop out of it, neither by selling it back, nor by throwing it away. Just when the due time comes and if the tabutask is undone, it will be counted failed and your Luck will decrease.

Passenger: If a passenger showed up in Podish, take him and drive him to Incubator. They will give you some beebs for it. Besides that, the Eleepod will tell you an odd word after you deliver him to Incubator. Write it down-it will come in handy, but much later. Remember that Eleepods are tender and sensitive creatures, so you should drive carefully and steer clear of any fights.

The time between Eleerections: The best way to spend it would be searching hideouts to pick up various stuff and thereby raise your wealth. A good idea would be to do some tabutasks at the same time. The higher a Vanger's Luck, the better they live. Besides other things, Eleepods treat kindly those who have high Luck and Dominance and may tell them something they would not tell others. But first you have to raise your Luck to at least 30. Don't forget your old phlegma and nymbos business-apart from direct benefits in form of beebs and Luck points, it will help you to get more out of Eleepods' loudspeakers. They'll spill stuff about unique mechos and warn you about troubles to come.

How to get cirt without access to other worlds: In the beginning you don't have access to other worlds, where Eleepod Larvae live, yet there are ways to get some Eleepod cirt. One way is to become a highwayman. It's simple: Vangers who ship cirt to Podish usually use the upper entrance, so you lay an ambush near it and shoot all Vangers passing by. Even if they don't have cirt on them, they do have other stuff. Cirt is one of the most valuable things in the Chain of Worlds.

The key to Glorx: To get it, you need to win two 1st places in Eleerection. Either that or one 1st and two 2nd's.

A trip to Weexow: Before you leave Fostral and go to mysterious and treacherous Glorx, it's a good idea to visit Weexow. That world has something to hide. To get there you have to earn the key, however this pays otherwise: while earning the key, you will raise your Luck mightily.

Farewell to Fostral: When you've got the key to Glorx, charge your spiral and go there. If you don't have a specific plan for Glorx, it would be sensible to save the game on Fostral. You will need this save later. Use the compass to get to the Glorx Passage, so that not to lose time.

Glorx: On Glorx a Vanger will be ruBeecated (deprived of property and made a slave) sooner or later. This may happen when visiting any of the escaves. If this is unacceptable, and you think the raffa that they gave you instead of your crate isn't much of a mechos, you have an option to restore the Fostral save. Then, you convert all your cash into a heap of expensive devices and weapons and go to Glorx again. There you hide all the stuff in a reliable place and securely go to the ruBeecation. After they make you a slave, take time to sell all the stuff that you hid (a good idea would be to hide them near the escave where you intend to sell them). Then, buy a decent mechos and start a new life on Glorx. In any case, it would be sensible not to take the artifact with you to VigBoo that you could have found on Weexow.

VigBoo: Boonds (that's how Beeboorats call their slaves) usually start their career in this escave. Slickers can try other places. Vanger's first goal on Glorx is to change DOCHOD (SMOK, SHROT, etc.) into something better. Not only does it steer like a bus, you kick the bucket every time someone butts you. Take care of your Rubbox. If you lose it or throw it away, they'll give you another one, stripping you to the bones again. Once you've got a decent buggy, take up your duties as a Boond-shipping shrubs and Valorins. Vangers with the Boond rank transport Valorins from VigBoo to Lampasso and shrubs from VigBoo to Ogorod. If you deliver several Valorins or shrubs at once, you have a chance to be promoted to Commissar. Don't ever bring Valorins to Ogorod or shrubs to VigBoo. In Ogorod they'll just curse you and kick you away, but in VigBoo they can execute a dude for a child's fault. Although the execution is a show, it's not fun to watch your own funeral all the time.